ESTAIR LLC was established by three air travel enthusiasts in 1990, initially founded to be the Estonian airline company.

ESTAIR's course of action was changed due to multiple external constants and so ESTAIR, slowly but firmly, developed its operations and became one amongst the first travel agencies in Estonia.

During the early years of newly freed Estonia, our main business were selling the airplane tickets, mostly of which were of Estonian Air's. Step-by-step we evolved to full service travel agency and in 1994 Mr. Kõu Lipp bought out other shareholders' stakes.
Since then has ESTAIR LLC been a family operated full service travel agency.

In search of ways to widen the scope of business, ESTAIR opened its second subsidiary at Tallinn airport departure terminal hall.

As we took over the ticketing office of Aeroflot, ESTAIR had entered into the ticketing handling services business for airlines. Over the next years a list of our clients included Aeroflot, Finnair, Czech Airlines, AVIES, Lithuanian Airlines, airBaltic, Soeder Airlines, Volare Airlines, easyJet, Ryanair, Norwegian.

Our second subsidiary was opened in an Estonian city Rapla in 2003. We believed that approaching people near their place of habitation has potential as internet sales was still in its infancy and it was more convenient and trustworthy for locals to have a travel agent on place. The choice appeared to be correct as residents became to turn to us more often. Business was steadily on rise.

During the next years ESTAIR operated with three offices, two in Tallinn and one in Rapla. But as e-commerce rose firmly and it became more and more comfortable for people to make inquires through internet and telephone, the idea of häving a separate office in rural areas lost its appeal. And so we closed our office in Rapla in 2006.

During the economical recession in the middle of 2000-nds made us rethink our business model, which led ESTAIR to close its city office and open so-called remote work stations. At the same time, Tallinn airport ticketing office made a steady growth in business as we stroke agreements with Finnair, Czech Airlines and Aeroflot.

Friendly and reliable service. On time.

We are proud to have developed a reliable partner status among our airline customers as well as corporate and private clientele during these productive years.

We are aiming all of our activities to be in scope with our clients' quality standards as they put their faith in us daily.

Our team is at Your service 364 days a year (one day we rest). Thanks to their experience and qualifications we are able to offer all services expected from a modern travel agency/ticketing handling company. And by using airline reservation systems such as AMADEUS and SABRE, the ESTAIR ticketing desk is able to book almost any flight.

Our commitment is to satisfy our customers and the customers of our customer.

We are highly flexible and always willing to adapt our services to the customer’s product requirements.
At the same time, we are not just a handling agent, but also a sales agent whose priority is to meet the clients wishes.
We always try to be more qualitative as passengers need to be able to turn to someone in order to orientate in this ever growing volume of information.
Our strengths are experience, knowledge and eagerness to provide, not just to handle. We believe that effectiveness and quality come with experience and knowledge.

We pursue constantly to exceed customer expectations based on our customer service requirements.

Facts about ESTAIR LLC:

  • 1990 - Established as a one of the oldest travel agencies in Estonia
  • 2000 - Opened a ticketing desk at Tallinn Airport
  • 2003 - Rapla subsidiary was opened
  • 2005 - Tulika city office was closed and remote workstations were opened
  • 2006 - Presented with Successful Estonian Company certificate with rating: Very Good (AA)
  • 2007 - Presented with Successful Estonian Company certificate with rating: Very Good (AA)
  • 2009 - Ticketing handling agent for Finnair
  • 2011 - Ticketing handling agent for Czech Airlines
  • 2012 - Presented with Successful Estonian Company certificate with rating: Very Good (AA)
  • 2012 - Ticketing handling agent for Aeroflot (the agreement was terminated in early spring 2022 due to Russian invasion into Ukraine)
  • 2014 - Ticketing handling agent for Air Lituanica (airline has suspended operations since May 2015)
  • 2016 - Ticketing agent and call centre for Saartelnnuliinid
  • 2018 - Ticketing handling agent for WIZZ Air
  • 2019 - Ticketing handling agent for Belavia
  • 2020 - Call centre support for Nyx Air
  • 2021 - We became an International Air Transport Association (IATA) accredited agent